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Why Ibilling

We at Ibilling adopt a simple yet effective approach, which eradicates all the complexities that hinders a provider`s cash flow as well as his/her practice.

24/7 Access to claims

Unlimited access to all claims 24/7 for clients.

Free EMR: Practice Management and Software

We can provide free Practice Management and Cloud based software or you can use your own software.

Credentialing and Enrollments

We also provide all types of enrollments and credentialing services with all type of payers including Medicare and Medicaid.

Service All Medical Specialties

Ibilling is not limited to specialties we have group of highly experienced teams who service all type of Medical specialties.

We are serious about privacy

We are very serious about your privacy. There is restricted access to staff and multi-layer security levels to ensure security of sensitive data.

Work with lawyers and collection agencies

We have lawyers and contacts with collection agencies so we can collect money from those patients who refuse to pay.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to allow doctors to focus on their practice and not on their finances. By enrolling with our firm to handle the billing and collections, providers can avail themselves to their patients, offering distinguished care. Ibilling strives to gain the trust of medical practitioners by methodically securing their cash flow. We have devised a system that runs smoothly, aiming for doctors to receive a response in the form of payments; we endeavor within a time frame of 14 business days. We prepare and send the claims to the insurance companies and carefully supervise the process until the doctor receives his dues.


Reliability is the precondition for trust.


Trust is earned when actions meet words.


Excellence Is The Result Of Habitual Integrity.


Quality` is our Passion `Quality` is our business.


Who We Are

Ibilling has a team of specialized and dedicated professionals eager to render their best. We help clients by leveraging our deep insight and knowledge, propelled by strategically designed work flow processes. At Ibilling, we are committed to increase clients revenue and decrease overheads. We customize our services to suit each and every precise requirement of our clients and ensure that we deliver what we promise: Profitability!

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